Saturday, December 4, 2010

Around how much is it for that limited polaroid 185??

there are 2 limited 185,
the japanese black one is around 3000usd to 4000usd
usually, 2000units were said to be made, but the truth is there were only 500units

-fact by Doctor Ando (he was the one who planned this project.
there wasn't enough funding to make 2000 units, only 500 were made finally.)

and the silver one hand made by Dr E.LAND himself there is only 30 of them in the world, I dont think anyone will sell that.
so the price is priceless, because no one in the world is selling it.
if i were to sell it ill sell it for around 50000usd which is no one would be that rich to buy :) and I'm glad no one will.

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