Monday, April 26, 2010

Step 2: Bobby pin workaround

Step 2: Bobby pin workaround, originally uploaded by peta-W.

Step 2: Bobby pin workaround

This solution is applicable to most Polarioid packfilm cameras. The one pictured is a 320, but should pretty much look similar for 100s, 200s, 300s, 400s (at least those models without timers).

Inside of the back door of Polaroid camera / filmback showing the 2 bobby pins enabling Fuji FP-100B/C/3000B filmpack to be used smoothly -- it eases pulling of black cover and white tabs.

Red rectangles show how the bobby pins should be held in place. It may be easier if you release the rollers, and swing them out to get access for placing the bobby pins in the correct position.

The pins are holding the strong spring which otherwise presses too hard on the 2 tabs of the FP100 pack, pressing on the films inside so tight that one would likely break the white tabs while trying to pull them out.

Refer to Step 1 on where the tip of the bobby pins should and should not touch the Fuji film pack.

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