Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its black, its white E-P1 VS DP2

Its black, its white
Its tough for you
Ooh,Yea, yea, yea.

The Review starts here.
nothing Technically Fancy here, just something simple and short,
about the E-P1 and the DP2

just like any other review i start with the turning on part.

-the sigma dp2 is almost 2 times slower then e-p1 when it turns on.
-the focusing time from the closest to the furthest for dp2 is about 1.5seconds
the e-p1 focuses at 0.9seconds

-this might not be important to you, but some people really hate made in china stuff
and the e-p1 is made in china. as for the dp2 is made in japan

-dp2 loads 2 times slower then e-p1 after a shot. E-p1 can shoot continuously non stop
and dp2 can shoot 3 continuous shots

-dp2 has a max 15second exp only, and e-p1 has a BULB shutter.(if you wanna shoot bulb.. get a film camera.. save some energy for the world ya.

- dp2 cannot manual focus and auto focus in video mode, e-p1 can

- dp2 can be easily edited in photoshop for raw and really fast.
e-p1 raw editing is a pain with the olympus studio 2 (pscs4 might have a raw update soon)

- e-p1 is 2times heavier then dp2

- e-p1 is a little larger then dp2

- e-p1 is twice the price (pencake lens kit) of a dp2 (ready to shoot)

- e-p1 cannot shoot time lapse interval shoots, where as dp2 can program an interval shot to make timelapse

(a time lapse photo video taken by the dp2

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