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Hi, guys Ill up load some "same place same setting photos soon" I uploaded 2 before but 1 was in M mode and 1 was in A mode, bummer.. sorry.

here is my conclusion, if you are more like a street person and dont like to many gears with you, something simple with not much function of this and that, you like to post produce your stuff at home, you like something light on your shoulder, something small on your hands the DP2 is a wonderful camera. reason?

Its 2 times lighter then the e-p1 and it has a built in flash, that means you dont need to buy an extra flash or invest on any lens, its all in 1 package, sometimes i think people NEED to be limited to Master their craft of photography. Makes your mind more active because of the limitations of the lens. you know the rules of the dp2 and you just try to fit to it. and its 2 times cheaper then the e-p1. and ya i love the black.

If money is not a problem, hey e-p1 is limitless of fun, if you buy the package it comes with the view finder too, you can get lots of lens for it, or just reuse the old om lenses :D
you can experiment with many ways. the sensor is just a little bit smaller then the dp2 but the effect of bokeh is not that much of a difference. and surprisingly the high ISO for both cameras 3200iso, are almost the same.. its a little bigger and a little heavier its a wonderful VIdeo camera too, HD videos with manual lenses (just like in movie scenes)

finally which one do i like more?

actually both,

if i go to a fancy restaurant with in a black suit i would bring a dp2 with no strap but a small holder like ka_tate san's
it has a built in flash and i can use it without bringing any extra tools, i can use it in some darker places, when im done i just slip it back into the case and converse with others with nothing to worry about and its lighter to carry without a strap.

E-p1 comes in silver and White. I dont wanna be flashy in some places. and remember the commercial you saw? the e-p1 coming out from the pocket? BULLSHIT.
its heavy.. its gonna pull my pants down.. if i have a jacket people might think i have a tumor or something.. it doesn't go anywhere man it goes under a strap. around my shoulder that all, but its fun for almost any outdoor activity. where you bring a bag for your extra flash or another lens in case you wanna do something else and you walk
(whats the point of using a compact size now?) looks like you are doing what you do with an slr only with smaller packages, sure i admit that it can be light weight just with a fixed pancake and you are off to go. as i said, if you are willing to do so why not get a dp2 that is half the price cheaper? and lighter? and a little smaller? get the point? i like the e-p1 only because it looks COOL and some nice functions like the art and double exposure :D

so if you dont wanna get an slr but you want something like the slr and in a smaller package then e-p1.. if you are skeptical about really wanting a compact camera with a good large sensor and wanna save some money.. dp2
but i still love both cameras..

and man if you really can't decide... work harder earn more money and get both.

one last thing.. if you are thinking about the sensor
Faveon is way nicer when it comes to raw :D

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