Monday, June 15, 2009

Important sites for new marketing. (personal memo)

Researching your Niche Market

So how do you go about researching your market? Well in the good old days there was the Overture Search Engine tool which was taken over a few years ago by Yahoo. This tool was a God send to internet marketers as it was absolutely free to use and would give you an idea of how many people searched on a the key word you put in and on related key words. Sadly this search tool is no more so lets look at the alternatives:

Free tools

I've only just come across this tool from but what I like about it is that it gives search result numbers from all the major search engines and links out to their search tools.

Other free keyword search tools are: - shows you search traffic over periods of time and also by country so you can see if there are seasonal or geographic differences in searches for your keywords. - A great starter tool for finding out the number of searches on your keyword and for getting related keywords. - shows you in pictorial form number of searches and level of competition. Also has a great site related keywords function where you can put in the URL of a site and it will give you a list of keywords relating to the content of the site.

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