Sunday, April 26, 2009


Disclaimer: Everything In the following review is based on my experience and Way of view.
All timing was taken by the IPHONE’ s stopwatch.

Ill start from the very first step and ill explain about the goods and the bad

1. power up timing

the power up timing is timed starting when the power button is pressed
the power up time is different with every different SDcard
the 8gig SDHC card will take you 10.3 seconds to load
the 4gig SDHC card will take you 4.4 seconds to load
the 2gig SD card will take you 4.0 seconds to load
there are also a little time difference depending on how many shots you have inside.
base on this you will know if you are looking for a camera that can take out and snap the image you want in a split moment.

but its not an issue for me since i use to take out my camera, twist the aperture and focus + winding, that takes around 6 seconds i guess..

2. auto focus

the auto focus on this camera is not SUPER fast, but its satisfactory, it takes about 1.5 seconds to focus from the closest to the furthest object
there are 6 focus points and a manuel focus where you just scroll the wheel to a satisfactory focus ( i like the manual focus more)

3. SHOOTING Loading time

After you take a shot its about 2 seconds that takes it to load.
but if you want to shoot something a few times, there is a continues shoot mode
which takes 3 continues shots in a row 0 loading time, then the 2 second load after 3 shots had been taken. (this is a great improvement! I tried the dp1 in yodobashi and the amount of time it buffers after 1 shot is almost 2 times longer then the dp2.

4. LCD display

donno if Sigma is saving money on the LCD or something, but the image doesn’t seem to stand out in camera’s LCD, but when i get to open it up in my computer it looks soo much better.

5. Battery life
its understandable that the camera’s battery life weak because of the Giant sensor (compared to all compact digital cameras) its not very bad either about 200 shots
mixed with raw and non raws so you should be safe with 2. buying 1 more is not expensive to its around 20+ usd I’d say the batter for this is satisfactory

You can only edit the raw with the sigma’s photo program, but if you have Photoshop cs4 with an updated camera raw update, i guess youll be able to open it with photoshop.
im using a cs3 so can’t be opend. i tried the raw update and the colors came out strange.

but jpeg that without editing is already beautiful to me, who need to raw edit the photo?

7. Where is Macro and 24.2mm what a joke?

Macro? there is no Macro! haha just like any other compact range finders (film)
you can’t macro. to me i can say this camera is like my Olympus 35 RC with a 24mm
f2.8 lens. My olympus 35 rc is 42mm instead, my favorite QL17 40mm and Konica c35 FD
but wait.. hold on Think a little, they are full frame cameras~ when i took them out and compare the length they are almost the same~

That means that the 24mm lens is almost equivelent to the fullframe 38~42mm range~
so the dp2 is almost like the same cameras that i have right now but in digital form (almost*)

some people prefer the 40mm range on the dp1 because its more for streets, but until last night when i went to JIRO ramen with my friend that i Noticed, If my camera was 40mm i have to stand up with my hands raised up high to take a shot of my bowl of noodles, and i was lucky that at 24mm i can shoot while sitting. isn't food part of our urban lifestyle? what good is a camera if it can't take a photo of what we are eating?


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