Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just a little thought i have.

Lets talk a little digital camera,
All compact digital cameras cannot make great bokeh, even if it was at F2.0
with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 don't think you can get a great dof.

I don't understand why people THINK the Aperture is the main cause of DOF?
thats wrong! "well YES it helps with DOF, but its not the main cause of it.
ITs the Constuction of the lens how they are fitted
some f4 lens can have better bokeh then some f2.8 lenses~! i can say non of the
digital COMPACT camera will make a strong bokeh in normal mode.

"in Micro mode" you get all the
Please get an SLR if you want bokeh.

Film is a little different though
see how much the old
RICOH GR21 cost?($939.95usd) Film
and how much the new
RICOH GR Digital cost? ($460usd) not Film
and the amasing thing is GR21 is f3.5!
but the DOF and the SHARPness it puts on film is INCREDIBLE!

this is taken by GR21 (no edit) F3.5

lost in translation #03, originally uploaded by Tetsuya Blues.
GR Digital F2.8 (no edit)

Really if you wanna have some real DOF Get a SLR

talking about SLR I started with a DSLR Canon EOS Kiss N (aka eos 350d)
the I switched to Nikon d200 where I stopped.

It was my Konica c35 fd that thought me the beauty of film.
She has the sharpest lens in all compact rangefinder
like a Tigress that slices all lines into strong deep contrest cuts.
with no rules and no control.
We the Mac People.
Konica C35 FD Kodak UC400

(how about leica?, my responds? ya what ever~~)

Ever been to Japan in an expensive hotel and ordered ramen that cost
2000yen+and you thought was good, then later you found JIRO ramen
at the corner somewhere in the backstreet that cost 650yen and you
found out that the 2000yen ramen was like
nothing compared to this?

well I admit that the 2000yen has more nutrition and the beautiful
waitress that serves you, the temperature is perfect the enviroment is
clean and beautiful, and JIRO is crampy, no beautiful waitress, but a
short man that with half a face of aftershaves.
looking at you, telling you " hey Young guy, you look young heres
more noodles for you!"

Leica MP Kodak Ektachrome E100VS

BOSS, originally uploaded by Tetsuya Blues.
its something like the Leica and Konica situation im talking about.

Canon EOS kiss N (350d)
it was a great camera, I learnt alot about photography with that camera
its with someone else now, but i did have some great memories with it.

Nikon D200
I still have it here, but i was thinking of selling all the DX lenses, because
I have a FM3A
and DX lens dont go with any other formats. And soon ill be selling away
my D200 too.and stick to film until I get enough money for D3, not
[D3x (fu*king Rip off) ]

Why Nikon and not Canon?
Well I have no grudge aginst brands
I love both of them before and they both are really good camera.
the reason I stick to Nikon is beause there are alot of F-mounts lens out there
OLD and NEW :D

If I where you and i have to choose between
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and Nikon D3x


but if you wanna full frame digital camera with many cheap old manual lens to
play with and can share with your FM3A like me, D3 is your girl :D

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